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When chanting, OHM vibrates with the same vibrational frequency found in all things in nature. It is the basic sound of the universe; the symbolic and physical chanting tunes us into that sound and recognizes our connection to everything in the world and the universe. Chanting OHM helps you focus and take your awareness off internal tensions. With every T-shirt you will find a unique mantra in which Ohm is incorporated.

EQ Ambassadors

Clothes have a good fit and look good! Responsible clothing that contributes to a better world, great!

Rutger, Deventer

Is very comfortable and looks nice. Recommended !!

Maudy, Hoevelaken

The philosophy behind this brand is very strong and the quality is comparable to the major well-known brands. The combination of these is also the reason that I order my shirts here.

Ricardo, Rotterdam

Very nice quality and beautiful colors. It is also very nice how it is sent: not in large cardboard devouring boxes, but in sturdy wrapping paper.

Jacqueline, Voorthuizen

Ordered a new EQ shirt and it's even better than I thought. Great fabrics and super quality.

Renzo, Zwolle

The piqué shirt dress is a must-have! The fabric is so comfortable to wear and it can be worn in many ways. Delivery by appointment, super.

Esther, Doorn

Shirt bought at EQ. Completely happy with it! Good fit and subtle beautiful logo on the chest

Renze, Amsterdam

Excellent quality clothing and great customer service!

Tamara, Hoevelaken

High-quality clothing. Shipped with love and care. Will definitely order again in the future.

Teun, Heino

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justice mission

Millions of children, women and men are exploited in slavery around the world, especially by other well-known fashion companies. We have partnered with IJM to combat this horrific terror. 10% of our revenue goes to the IJM.

Official partner

We donate 10% of our turnover to the International Justice Mission. We are proud of this partnership for their tremendous commitment to fighting modern slavery and universal injustice against children, women and men.