As world explorers, we found it difficult that wherever we went people respected each other's beliefs. They accepted each other's differences and to be honest, they didn't care if there were differences. In every country, on every continent, we have experienced love and acceptance between cultures.

As normal as this may seem, we find it strange that there is a "divide & conquer" culture that has been forced upon us as ordinary people since the dawn of time. So we came up with the idea that we should unite all loving and accepting people. And that's where the idea for EQ Clothing started.

When you wear our fashion, you wear the equality symbol on your heart and you actually say: I love all people and embrace our beautiful differences!


EQ Clothing is a Dutch non-profit fashion brand. Our goal is to connect people through our clothing, and we hope to promote equal opportunities by donating our profits.

Together we make the clothing industry slave free. Not fast fashion, but slow fashion. No oppressed workers, but fair rewards for everyone in our chain. To reinforce this, we donate our profits to charities. Especially our collaboration with International Justice Mission is one that catches the eye. A large part of our turnover goes to them and together we create projects that improve working conditions worldwide. We also liberate slave workers every day!

So don't be tempted to buy cheap clothes, buy sustainable clothes. Not only because it is better for the environment, but also because you help your fellow human beings. Have you ever thought that at least 20 people were involved in making your handmade clothing? Handmade is what our clothing is. Made from organic materials and completely vegan. We do not use materials that come directly from animals. Even though we understand that others do, and you also have to or can wear clothing made of leather, for example. However, it is not necessarily necessary.

EQ is investigating all options for making sustainable clothing. For example, we make buttons from bamboo, we will soon color all our clothing naturally and we will stop chemically coloring clothing.

There is so much going on in the fashion industry that it is time for everyone to become aware of it. The number of slaves worldwide has never been higher than it is now in 2021.

So come and take a look at our timeless women's collection and the men's collection essentials.

You will see that our sustainable clothing is of better quality than the well-known fashion houses. No fewer than 85 online newspapers have indicated that Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch & Soda and Ralph Lauren are nothing compared to the quality of EQ Clothing.

We are known for our social commitment, sustainable entrepreneurship, organic and vegan materials and, above all, unique designs of clothing. We only make organic essentials so that our clothes are always in fashion and will never go out of style.