Fashion can change the world

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EQ Clothing

The new - fashion - kid on the block and is anxious to show the world that making profit as a company is a good thing, but should be used in a very different way than we are used to, until now. They have their own view on circulair economy, read about it in this blog.

A non-profit fashion brand

Based in the Netherlands which will use all its profits for the EQ Foundation, which is there to create more equality around the globe. Sounds a bit ambitious doesn't it? Well, we believe you need to aim high if you really want to make a change.

You can visit the EQ Foundation website here

The fashion industry

Is a complicated landscape where loads of profits are being made, and not always used in a good way. Think about fast fashion, which is exhausting the planet. Child labor just because fashion companies would rather turn a blind eye then turn in profit for the better of society.

EQ Clothing is a slow fashion company. We design sustainable fashion with ecological materials. Biologic cottons, fair trade partnerships and always an eye for the ecologic footprint.

Dutch Based

With the headquarters in Hilversum these Dutch fashion designers find themselves in good company. With Nike based in Hilversum as well. Scotch and Soda, G-Star Raw and C&A as leading examples as great dutch fashion companies. "Don't forget Suitsupply" one of the owners quickly adds to the already imppresive sumup of great Dutch fashion brands.

So, with so much already to offer. What can EQ Clothing, based in Hilversum, really offer to the already busy fashion industry? "Well" Michiel enthousiastically starts. "There is one very big difference between all of them and EQ Clothing. You want to know what it is?"

After his energetic explanation I felt even more appreciation for this ballsy new Dutch fashion brand. Another great thing coming from the low countries, we'll find out very soon.

What EQ Clothing stands for

The fashion brand EQ Clothing stands for equality & diversity, while the EQ in the name stands for Emotional Quotient. If you combine these two together you'll solve the puzzle about the true goals of the company.

"Ralph Lauren has a polo horse as a brand logo, which stands for wealth, prosperousness and can be seen as a fashion statement for men and women to show their environments that they live rich lifes. Scotch and Soda shows a classic Singer sewing machine to empower the brands statement that they make quality apparel. See the connection?

Well. EQ Clothing shows an equality brand logo right there on the heart. We believe all people are born equal, however our chances in life are completely random and therefore inequal. After that we are all conditioned by the way we are raised and educated. And there are flaws in every society. That's the reason why there is still so much poverty and child labor for example."


"It doesn't matter if you're black or white. What does it really matter if you support the Islam or if you're a Christian, Buddhist or a Jew? If you are male or female, or non-binary. People shouldn't be bothered with how somebody else is conditioned, or why someone is different because of something genetic like skin colour or sex. Aren't we all way more alike than we think?"

Your message to the world

If you buy our T-shirts, shirts, dresses, sweaters, jeans, chinos, coats or fashion accessories you are making a statement. Each EQ Clothing customer is showing that they are loving, kind, respectful and accepting towards every human being. Our dream is to see people unite by spending money on fashion that truly can change the world!